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Research Area

Research Planning and Management Division

  • Establishing and coordinating mid/long-term research plans
  • Selecting, managing, and evaluating research projects
  • Reinforcing joint projects and cooperation with related organizations
  • Analyzing and providing domestically and internationally trends of major meteorological technologies and policies
  • Researching stategy development for capacity-building of meteorological technologies and policy advancement
  • Planning research related meteorological technologies and policies in the short- to long-term, which is needed to establish major policies of the Korea Meteorological Administrations(KMA)
  • Research planning and performance management
  • Human resource management and planning & executing budget
  • Managing research facilities equipment, and computer network
  • Conducting a variety of supports for the smooth operation of NIMS by establishing mid/long-term research plans, implementing performance management, planning and executing budget for short- to long-term, managing research facilities, equipment, and computer network
  • Improving NIMS's reputation by further enhancing multidisciplinary research and cooperation with related organizations

The only core institute for institute for intergration and multidisciplinary research in Korea

  • Developing and providing core policy information in order to support the realization of advanced meterological services by NIMS and support the establishment of meteorological policies of KMA, research on measuring the value and economic benefits of weather and climate information
  • Establishing stategies for technological convergence between meteorology and other various technologies and conducting research on the activation strategy of joint research

Supporting for Policy Development / Strategic Planning for KMA

Researching and analyzing domestically and internationally trends of major meteorological technologies and policies

  • Publishing 'Policy Information Note' by analyzing meteorological technologies and policy issues
  • Publishing 'Magazine for Meteorological Technology & Policy' to provide policy support for major meteorology related issues