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AI Meteorological Research Division

AI Meteorological Research Division

AI Weather Forecasting Research Team
  • Research on the development of AI techniques for accurate and rapid weather forecasting
  • Develop intelligent assistant techniques and their applications for weather forecasting process
  • Develop integrated “Weather-AI” service platform techniques converging AI and Data to produce the tailored data and information and to create the value of users in the field of research, enterprise and public

AI Forecasting Analysis Team

  • Research on the developing alternative techniques of physical processes in the NWP model based on AI to reduce computational costs and to improve the accuracy of NWP
  • Develop advanced AI-based precipitation forecasting techniques using observation(e.g. radar, satellite, rain gauges etc) and multi-model (such as UM, KIM, ECMWF etc) for preemptive response on high impact weather
  • Research on the explainable AI(XAI) techniques to provide basis for interpreting precipitation forecasting results
  • Develop intelligent process automation solution to support forecasters’ simple and routine tasks