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Climate Research Department

Climate Research Department

  • Operation of Climate Prediction System, and Improvement
  • Global Atmosphere Watch

Climate Model Development Team

  • Operating and improving of Global Seasonal Forecasting System
  • Developing on initialization technique, ensembles methods, and data assimilation for aiming to improve the accuracy of climate prediction
  • Enhancing domestic collaborations on climate research through shared development framework
Climate Prediction Systems El Nino Prediction
<Climate Prediction Systems> <El Nino Prediction>

Global Atmosphere Watch Team

  • Korean representative of WMO GAW activities
  • Measuring and reporting atmospheric compositions in Korea
  • Source tracking of climate forcers to monitor climate crisis
  • Comprehensive monitoring of Asian dust and haze
KMA GAW stations
<KMA GAW stations>
Atmospheric CO2  level: global(balck), Anmyeondo(AMY, blue), Jeju Gosan (JGS, red), and Ulleundo(ULD, green)
<Atmospheric CO2 level: global(black), Anmyeondo(AMY, blue), Jeju Gosan (JGS, red), Ulleungdo(ULD, green), Dokdo(DOK, skyblue)>