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National Institute of Meteorological Sciences (NIMS) was established in 1978 as a national research institute for the purpose of developing prediction skills, surveying, and analyzing the characteristics of the atmosphere, climate, and marine meteorology. For 21st century, all the researchers in NIMS are doing one’s best for the advancement of the meteorological prediction accuracy via executing the research projects, development of advanced meteorological technology, and atmospheric science. Later, this endeavor will advance the nation’s service quality and contribute to the upliftment of the national competition. Over 90% of the natural disaster recerded is related to the meteorological disaster.

NIMS is trying to prevent and mitigate the disaster through improvement of prediction accuracy. NIMS is also actively developing the meteorological technology and stimulating international cooperation. The objectives of NIMS are to advance the atmospheric sciences with a particular emphasis on weather analysis and prediction for the public, and to support and improve the operations and services of the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).

NIMS emphasizes its duties in developing its capabilities to predict the severe weather phenomena such as heavy rainfall/snowfall, typhoons, the seasonal climate for a year in advance, etc. In addition, NIMS also performs research in the field of applied meteorology such as weather modification, urban climate, aviation meteorology, etc.

NIMS will double its efforts for the improvement of research environment by strengthening research infrastructure in order to compete with the advanced research technology of the developed countries.