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Forecast Research Department

Forecast Research Department

  • Research on mesoscale convective system with the data from intensive observation campaign
  • Research on target observation for analysis and forecasting high-impact weather using observation vehicles
  • Research on lower-atmospheric weather phenomena with drone observation
  • Research on improving national weather warning system
  • Enhancement of operational marine forecasting systems

Intensive Observation Campaign and Mesoscale Convective System

  • Diagnostic and prognostic research on mesoscale convective systems
  • Research on the stationary rainy front in summer over East Asia
  • Intensive observation campaign for mesoscale convective systems over the Seoul-Metropolitan region
  • Diagnosis and application of various observational data for improving weather forecasts predictability
Schematics of a mesoscale convective system and its satellite image arrow Intensive target observation for meso-scale convective system
<Schematics of a mesoscale convective system and its satellite image> <Intensive target observation for meso-scale convective system>

Target Observation Research

  • In-situ measurements with observation vehicles for high-impact severe weather
  • Diagnostic study on severe weather events using target observation data
Specification of Mobile Observation Vehicle(MOVE)
<Specification of Mobile Observation Vehicle(MOVE)>
Support of the on-site observation and forecast of high-impact weather
<Support of the on-site observation and forecast of high-impact weather>
  • Development of black-ice forecast model with in-situ measurements and AI techniques
Road Weather Observation System
<Road Weather Observation System>
  • Intensive observation of lower-atmospheric structure to understand hazardous weather mechanism
  • Feasibility of using weather drone to overcomeobservation vacancy in case of severe weather events
Weather drone system Vertical profile analysis on lower atmosphere
<Weather drone system> <Vertical profile analysis on lower atmosphere>

Weather Impact Research

  • DB construction of damage and loss associated with hazardous weather
  • Risk-level assessment caused by weather events considering regional characteristics
Regional critical snow levels
<Regional critical snow levels>
  • Development of a new criteria for weather warning system by considering socio-economic and geographical characteristics
  • Research for regional segmentation of severe weather warning system
Severe Weather alertArea(Seoul)
<Severe Weather alertArea(Seoul)>

Marine Forecast Models

  • Enhancement of ocean wave and storm surge forecasting systems
  • Research on the marine data assimilation and ensemble techniques
Wave Forecasting Systems
<Wave Forecasting Systems>