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National Institute of Meteorological Sciences is located in Jeju of Korea.

Research Team of Roles

Research Team of Roles
General Affairs Division  - Research operating support.
Planning and Finance Division  - Planning and performance management
- Strategic Operation and Evaluation on Executive Agency
- Management and administrative supporting R&D projcect
- Supporting KMA’s Policy Development and Strategic planning
- Research and analyzes trends of meteorological technologies and policies
Operational Systems Development Department - Operation of climate prediction system
- Research on climate prediction and long-range forecast
- Development of global ocean data assimilation and prediction system
- Operation of WMO S2S(seasonal to subseasonal) ICO(International Coordination Office)
- Development of marine and asian dust forecast models
- A study of data assimilation on the prediction of wave and asian dust
- To establish guidelines of type certificates design and performance of meteorological instrument Study of technical standards for improved meteorological instrument
- Research and development of state-of-the-art observation methods and applications of emerging technology
- Operation and management of WMO lead centre
- Collaboration research on international ARGO program and operation of regional data centre
- Research on the marine atmospheric observations and observation methods
Innovative Meteorological Research Department  - Production of global and regional climate change scenarios
- Understanding of cause and mechanisms of climate change
- Research on the climate variability and its change
- Enhancement of the monitoring of Asian dust and haze
- Observing atmospheric composion in the upper atmosphere using aircrafts and satellites
- Research on observing and analysing atmospheric composition causing climate change
- Research on aviation and urban meteorology
- Research on production techniques for user-customized high resolution weather information
- Research on weather map for use of renewable energy resources
Convergence Meteorological Research Department   - KMA/NIMS Atmospheric Research Aircraft (NARA) operation for weather and climate observation such as typhoon, severe rainfall, cloud, aeroaol, greenhouse and reactive gases, and experiment for weather modification.
- Research on mesoscale convective system and application of the data from intensive observation
- Cloud microphysics research and weather modification operations for rain ennhancement and fog dissipation.
High Impact Weather Research Department 

- Research on intensive observation and improvement of predictability of high impact weather
- Research on the Targeted observation based on mobile weather observation vehicle
- Research on the utilization of meteorological drones
- Research on Impact-based Forecasts
- Research on Biometeorology and Agrometeorology
- Research on Meteorological Applications to Industry, Sports, Leisure, and Everyday Life

AI Meteorological Research Team  - Research and development of weather forecast production based on Artificial Intelligence(AI)
- Research on the AI techniques for the forecasters' decision support
- Research on the AI-based physical process of precipitation optimized over the Korean peninsula
- Research and development of big data analysis and processing