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National Institute of Meteorological Sciences is located in Jeju of Korea.

Research Team of Roles

Research Team of Roles
Planning and General Affairs Division  - Planning and performance management
- Strategic Operation and Evaluation on Executive Agency
- Management and administrative supporting R&D projcect
- Supporting KMA’s Policy Development and Strategic planning
- Research and analyzes trends of meteorological technologies and policies
Forecast Research Department - Research on mesoscale convective system with the data from intensive observation campaign
- Research on target observation for analysis and forecasting high-impact weather using observation vehicles
- Research on lower-atmospheric weather phenomena with drone observation
- Research on improving national weather warning system
- Enhancement of operational marine forecasting systems
Observation Research Department  - Observe meteorological phenomena (e.g. severe weather) with advanced observation techniques based on aircraft and vessel over observational gaps such as the upper atmosphere and seas and characterize them in order to improve their numerical predictability
- Evaluate and standardize meteorological observation techniques to help produce the high quality observation data, and develope advanced meteorological techniques
Climate Research Department  - Operation of Climate Prediction System, and Improvement
Research Applications Department  - Cloud and precipitation microphysics researches using a cloud chamber and a ground based measurement
- Weather modification experiment and studies using an aircraft anda ground based equipment
- Meteorological resource’s researches for renewable energy
- Aviation meteorological studies for safe operation from weather hazards at the airport
- Technology development for Urban Meteorological Information Services
- Biometeorological research includes the impacts of weather environment on living organisms and their interactions
Global Atmospheric Watch and Research Division  - Global Atmosphere Watch
- Research on tracing the climate forcers(GHGS, aerosols, reactive gases ect.) and its impact on the climate change
- Research on target observation for aerosol event and GHGs using R/V and aircraft
- Enhancement of operational Asian Dust forecasting systems
AI Meteorological Research Team  - Research and development of weather forecast production based on Artificial Intelligence(AI)
- Research on the AI techniques for the forecasters' decision support
- Research on the AI-based physical process of precipitation optimized over the Korean peninsula
- Research and development of big data analysis and processing
Climate Change Research Team  - Production of global and regional climate change scenarios
- Understanding of cause and mechanisms of climate change
- Research on the climate variability and its change