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Convergence Meteorological Research Department

Convergence Meteorological Research Department

  • KMA/NIMS Atmospheric Research Aircraft (NARA) operation for weather and climate observation such as typhoon, severe rainfall, cloud, aeroaol, greenhouse and reactive gases, and experiment for weather modification.
  • Research on mesoscale convective system and application of the data from intensive observation
  • Cloud microphysics research and weather modification operations for rain ennhancement and fog dissipation.

Aviation Observation Research Team

  • Research on characteristics of meteorological phenomena using aircraft observation data
  • Research on development of aircraft data quality control and improvement of operation and management system

aircraft observation

aircraft observation

Weather Modification Research Team

  • Research on development of weather modification (e.g. artificial rainfall/snowfall, fog dissipation) and theroretical, observational and numerical modeling in cloud physics

weather modification

Mesoscale Meteorological Research Team

  • Development of conceptual models and forecast guidance of severe weather such as heavy rainfall
  • Intensive observation campaign for mesoscale convective systems (centered on forecast issues) and development of analysis technology for observational data

Mesoscale Meteorological Research