Photo by drone

GGMT-2019 will be held in Jeju, Republic of Korea from 2-5 September 2019.

GGMT meeting was initiated by Dr. Dave Keeling at La Jolla, California in 1975 and has become the cornerstone meeting

for the observation of key greenhouse gases and tracers, their isotopes, assessment of new techniques, standardization,

quality assurance and data products. The scope covers challenges in the field of precise measurements of atmospheric

greenhouse gases, data utilization and integrated products and observational network design.

It provides an excellent platform for all scientists in this field to exchange the latest scientific findings and serves

as the scientific backbone of the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme (GAW) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

which has provided the umbrella to all GGMT meetings. Since 1997 the international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

in Vienna joined WMO due to the increased use of carbon isotopes in studying the carbon cycle.

The GGMT-2019 conference will cover the following topics :

  • Advances in the traditional greenhouse gas measurement techniques
  • Emerging Observation Techniques including low-cost sensors
  • Isotope Measurement Techniques
  • Greenhouse gas observations over/in the ocean
  • Observations from the mobile platforms (aircraft, drone, balloon, etc)
  • Urban Observations and Networks
  • Remote Sensing & Integration of Observations
  • Quality assurance of greenhouse gas measurements (including reference standards, comparison activities and good practices)
  • Quality assurance of the measurements of the stable isotopes (including reference standards, comparison activities and good practices)
  • Measurements and quality assurance for 14C, O2/N2 and related tracers
  • Greenhouse gas observational requirements and a network design
  • Sites and network update
  • Data products and utilization of the observations

The meeting will start with an ice-breake on Sunday evening (1 September 2019)and will end on Thursday (5 September 2019).

The technical excursion to Jeju Gosan GAW regional station will take place on Friday (6 September 2019, Optional)

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